Don’t Feel Disappointed by 2017, Instead Remember Your Successes

Don’t Feel Disappointed by 2017, Instead Remember Your Successes
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About a week ago, I was sitting in a Waffle House around 1 AM, drinking black coffee, feeling extremely disappointed in myself.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

It was December again, and another year had gone by.

What had I achieved in the past year?

Almost nothing.

It felt like I had tried so hard this year but all I could do was fail.There was so much to be done and I would never be able to do it all. Recently, I felt like I have lost all hope of achieving my dreams.

No matter how much I wrote, I was not able to publish a single “good” blog post. After numerous attempts to start a nutrition club, I never saw my idea through to reality. I didn’t gain much muscle mass and I quit going to the gym. On top of everything, my grades greatly suffered this year.

But you know what?

I didn’t fly to the moon or get elected to Congress either. Why was I not equally disappointed in myself?

Obviously, those were unrealistic goals.

After a night of staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, I rolled out of bed. I felt sick to my stomach. This time last year I felt such great hope for my future. It was the year I would finally change my life. Had it all been for nothing?

I wallowed over to the restroom to record my morning weight as I had done for nearly every day over the past year. 160 pounds.

At the very least I had lost 50 pounds this year, one of my main goals for the year.

And you know what, I learned an incredible amount about nutrition too. Changing my diet was no easy feat nor was confronting my irrational fear of the gym.

As I began to think about everything I had done this past year instead of everything I hadn’t done, I began to feel a great sense of optimism.

  • My social skills and confidence greatly improved and I joined a fraternity.
  • I journaled nearly every day and meditated every day for November and December. For the first time in my life, I felt happier than I had ever been.
  • I read a ton of books. I downloaded 45 books on audible this year and read most of them, and bought and read several tangible books.
  • I went on two cross-country road trips and deeply explored the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) and the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia) metroplexes like never before.


Yes, I didn’t do everything I set out to achieve this year, and yes I had many failures. Whenever we think about everything we haven’t done, we are bound to feel disappointed. After all, we can’t do everything.

Instead, we must remember our success and achievements along with our failures.

Undoubtedly, this was by far the most productive and best year of my life. And you know what, given what I’ve learned and gone through I am confident that my life will only improve in 2018.

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