Face Your Little Problems
You have to get something done. It’s extremely important. You’ve written a plan of exactly what to do. You know how to execute it. Yet you can’t. Why? A little problem may be standing in your way. Little problems are those problems we may either be too embarrassed to acknowledge they exist or too confident… (0 comment)

The End of the University Intellectual Monopoly
Since the dawn of human civilization, centers of learning have popped up around the world to promote the development of human society and to ponder what makes a good life. For most of their existence, modern universities themselves have held a near monopoly on intellectual resources. If you wanted to find a large academic library,… (0 comment)

Cultivating Mindfulness Through Meditation
Mindfulness is the simple act of being aware of what is going on inside your own mind. In mindfulness meditation, we are asked to concentrate on our breathing. Whenever we catch ourselves getting involved in some thought or daydream we are asked to bring ourselves back to concentrating on our breath. Inevitably the mind will… (0 comment)

Speed Student Learning Through Flow States
Walk into any university lecture hall, and you’ll be sorely disappointed. Students will have their laptops open, not for notetaking,but for entertainment. Everywhere there are video games, BuzzFeed quizzes, and Facebook newsfeeds. Hardly anyone is actually paying attention. Why? Can we assume the students are lazy? Or maybe the pull of modern technology is so… (0 comment)

Why Journaling is the Most Important Thing I Do Every Day
What is your most important habit? Many great people will tell you it’s reading. Warren Buffet devotes about 80% of his time to reading. Abraham Lincoln became a self-taught lawyer through books. Elon Musk once said showering was the most important thing he did in a day. Understandable. Showering relaxes the mind and allows different thoughts to come… (0 comment)

Overview Worked Out Nearly Every Day Met Most Dietary Goals Minimized Distractions by Deleting Video Games and Logging Out of Instagram   Productivity I deleted all video games off my computer. Five weeks ago, I didn’t play video games at all because I had access to none. For the past few weeks, video games have… (0 comment)

Overview Here are the highlights of this week: Stopped time tracking. Continuing to goal/habit track. Realized I needed clearer long term goals. Became the master of my diet. Started trying to establish a workout routine. Implemented some changes for better sleep.   Productivity I decided to stop tracking my time. Most of my time I… (0 comment)