Overview Worked Out Nearly Every Day Met Most Dietary Goals Minimized Distractions by Deleting Video Games and Logging Out of Instagram   Productivity I deleted all video games off my computer. Five weeks ago, I didn’t play video games at all because I had access to none. For the past few weeks, video games have… (0 comment)

Overview Here are the highlights of this week: Stopped time tracking. Continuing to goal/habit track. Realized I needed clearer long term goals. Became the master of my diet. Started trying to establish a workout routine. Implemented some changes for better sleep.   Productivity I decided to stop tracking my time. Most of my time I… (0 comment)

Week 1: May 7-13, 2017
Welcome to my first week of tracking my time and habits! I tried to set up a morning/night routine for myself, plan my time, and meet some productivity/health goals. I achieved mixed success. Here’s where I spent most of my time: Sleeping: 36 H 49 m Video Games: 15 H 2 m Social/People: 14 H… (0 comment)