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Week 1: May 7-13, 2017

Week 1: May 7-13, 2017
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Welcome to my first week of tracking my time and habits!

I tried to set up a morning/night routine for myself, plan my time, and meet some productivity/health goals. I achieved mixed success.

Here’s where I spent most of my time:

  • Sleeping: 36 H 49 m
  • Video Games: 15 H 2 m
  • Social/People: 14 H 19 m
  • Books: 10 H 24 m
  • Tasks: 5 H 47 m
  • Wasted Time: 5 H 28 m
  • Couldn’t Sleep: 4 H 21 m
  • Plan/Think: 4 H 6 m




Below is where I tracked my information. Scroll up/down and left/right to see more. (I started Tuesday, so Sunday and Monday are missing)


This Week’s Productivity Report

Although this week wasn’t a big success, I was finally able to test out ideas on how to better improve my life and refine them for the next week.

I completed reading the book Laughing at Wall Street, read half of The Personal MBA, read the first chapter of The Complete Turtle Investor, started Becoming Steve Jobs, and reviewed a book I have already read, The productivity Project.

Although I did not meet my goals for reading or coding, I did pack up everything in my dorm room in DC and get it (and myself) back to Texas to complete my first year at college. I started the habit and time tracker, wrote this post, and have become more mindful of my actions.

I still need to figure out a system for being more productive, but this was a good start.

Night Routines: The Key to Fulfilling Sleep

I thought that by choosing arbitrary wake/sleep times and forcing myself to stick to them I could finally get on a consistent schedule and get enough sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough…

Here’s tips I got from the book Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson:

  • Not drinking caffeine within 6-8 hours of sleep time
  • No electronics 90 minutes before sleep time
  • Choose a sleep time between 10pm and 2am
  • Keeping the room dark
  • Having your bed be only a place of sleep
  • Calming your inner chatter
  • Showering before bed
  • Keeping the room cool


Stevenson emphasizes the importance of ritualizing your sleep. For me, that may mean:

  1. Turn off my phone and put it in my desk drawer and shut off my computer
  2. Going on a walk (1 hour)
  3. Showering (15 minutes)
  4. Brushing my teeth/shaving (5 minutes)
  5. Journaling (30 minutes)
    1. Review the day
    2. Plan Tomorrow
    3. Set 3 Daily Intentions for Tomorrow
  6. Turn off Lights
  7. Deep Breathing for 10 in and 10 out until asleep


I plan to begin my routine at 11pm to be asleep by 1am.

I’m most concerned about the no screens 90 minutes before bed rule. Not using screens means I won’t be able to listen to audiobooks while I walk, play relaxing music before bed, or monitor my sleep using my favorite apps.

Morning Routine
I’m afraid of trying to do too much in too little of time. That’s why I’m going to focus on implementing my night routine for now.

Health Goals
I successfully drank no sugared drinks this week. I think I may set a goal of eating one healthy meal a day next week.

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