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Week 2: May 14-20, 2017

Week 2: May 14-20, 2017
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Welcome to my second week of tracking my time and habits!

Here’s where I spent most of my time:

  • Sleep 64 H 31 m
  • Social/People 50 H 3 m
  • Wasted Time 11 H 46 m
  • Books 10 H
  • Tasks 5 H 37 m
  • Couldn’t Sleep 4H 32 m
  • Plan/Think 3 H 5 m
  • Code 1 H 53 m






Below is where I tracked my information. Scroll up/down and left/right to see more.

I also kept a food journal this week and recorded what I ate.



Productivity Goals

I read three-quarters of the book Hitmakers and Becoming Steve Jobs this week. I also completed more coding lessons then last week but did not reach my goal.

My sleep routine I planned at the end of last week was far too complex for me to consistently follow. It’s also tough to have a consistent sleep routine as night is when most of my friends want to hang out. I am considering setting a goal of a curfew of myself for 2am every night to be home.

Health Goals

For most days this week, I met my goals of eating at least one healthy meal a day, drinking no sugared drinks, and eating no desert. I plan to leave these goals on for this week.

These past two weeks I snacked at least once a day, often eating peanut butter crackers or sugary granola bars. This week I plan to set a goal of no unhealthy snacks, opting for a pack of carrots or a piece of fruit instead.

I ate Whataburger several times this week. I’ve eaten it at least once a week for a long time and I know it will be a tough habit to break. I plan to set a goal of ordering no onion rings or fries with my burger to start with.

I plan to experiment with other home cooked healthy meals this week rather than just chicken and vegetables, maybe oatmeal or smoothies. I also plan to try and eat at healthier restaurants when I do eat out.

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