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Week 4: May 28 – June 3, 2017

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Here are the highlights of this week:

  • Stopped time tracking. Continuing to goal/habit track.
  • Realized I needed clearer long term goals.
  • Became the master of my diet.
  • Started trying to establish a workout routine.
  • Implemented some changes for better sleep.



I decided to stop tracking my time.

Most of my time I did NOT spend being productive. Sometimes I worked very hard, hours on end. Sometimes I wasted whole days. Why? I realized I had no very clear goals.

Clear goals are the compass to guide your activity and remind you WHY you’re doing something. Except for my diet, I’ve established no clear goals in my other pursuits.

Here are my goals this week/time tracked until Thursday.

This week I finished Be Obsessed or be Average by Grant Cardone, part of Power Ambition Glory by Steve Forbs and John Prevas, and part of Originals by Adam Grant. I made progress on a PHP course on Codeacadamy, learned about investing, learned about Google Sheets/Functions, and worked on the blog.



For the first time, I feel like I have finally become the master of my diet.

The first time I tried to permanently change my diet was in December 2014 which lasted through January 2015. I tried the Tim Ferris Slow Carb Diet which was ultimately a failure. I tried a strict LowCarb Diet in December 2016 which lasted through March of this year. Starting in May I started a diet focused on mainly vegetables and fruits, some meat, limited carbohydrates, and no process or restricted food.

I’ve only maintained a streak of entirely healthy eating since Thursday. Though not long, this is the first time I’ve ever felt I could eat this way my entire life.


I started a very easy and simple workout from NerdFitness alternated with an interval training. The idea was just to get me out of the bed and used to doing some sort of physical exercise every morning. Unfortunately, I only did the workout two days and did not do the interval training.

Friends bug me all the time to go workout with them. I’m setting a goal of going at least once with them. Hopefully, soon I can start going every morning with friends.


There are three main reasons staying on a consistent sleep schedule is hard for me:

  1. It’s hard to go home early when I’m out with friends.
  2. I’m not excited to go to sleep and often try to continue to stay awake to read, etc.
  3. I have difficulty falling asleep.


I know breathing exercises, putting my phone away two hours before I plan to go to sleep, sleeping in total darkness, and not consuming caffeine past 4pm can aid in helping me fall asleep. I’ve implemented some of those changes and are still working on implementing others.

I still need to address how to guard a consistent sleep schedule when I establish one.

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