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Week 5: June 4 – June 10, 2017

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  • Worked Out Nearly Every Day
  • Met Most Dietary Goals
  • Minimized Distractions by Deleting Video Games and Logging Out of Instagram



I deleted all video games off my computer. Five weeks ago, I didn’t play video games at all because I had access to none. For the past few weeks, video games have taken up too much of my time. They just had to go.

I have become overly addicted to Instagram. Without even realizing it I pulled out my phone whenever bored and immediately opened the app. I simply logged out of Instagram so that it would be a little bit harder for me to waste time on it. I was shocked how often I would open the app automatically, maybe thirty times a day.

Next week I plan to reinstitute and focus on the goal of not using technology past a certain time at night. It’s the number one thing that keeps me up longer even when I’m tired.

I met most of my goals for the week. Below is my goal checklist. Green means complete, yellow means somewhat complete, a blank space means not complete.


I worked out nearly every day this week. I joined my friend on a workout plan he had been doing and spent a day kayaking. For my effort, I received a rewarding case of Delayed Onset Muscle Sourness in my arms. Although it got me to the gym, I think the current workout plan is too complex and I’ll want a new one for next week.

I set a goal of stretching this week before every workout to prevent injuries. According to ASAP Science, its pointless and I should warm up instead. I still need to stretch to improve flexibility, I’ll just do it after the workout

I watched the documentary The Human Experiment this week and was shocked by how many chemicals are in products we use every day. I plan to start a long term review of what products I use and if there is a better alternative.

I met most of my healthy eating goals this week. Below is my food journal from the week.

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